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Our Mission
MadCity Martial Arts, LLC specializes on the principles of instilling and maintaining quality Martial Arts by way of superior instruction to teach its students and clients effective and realistic self-defense, as well as character development and life skills in a healthy, safe, and fun learning

MadCity Martial Arts, LLC, was founded on the principles and beliefs of teaching “quality” Martial Arts to its students and being a dominant force and leader in its community.  One of the many ways we achieve this is by instilling positive habits, reinforcing the importance of health, and leadership in all our students and their families.  However, our reach does not stop within our physical school, or dojo.  We make sure that our students are happy and successful outside of our academy as well.  We do this by keeping an open line of communication with our students, our student’s parents and families, and our students school teachers to ensure our students are not only displaying a Black Belt attitude in our Martial Arts academy, but also at home, school, and in the community as well.

MadCity Martial Arts, LLC, was put into motion in the summer of 2009 on Madison, Wisconsin’s east side, by a Madisonite, our master instructor, Master. Jonathan Grosz.  It officially opened its doors in the fall of 2012.  Master Grosz’s goal was and continues to be teaching not only “quality” Martial Arts, but creating a society of healthy Martial Artists and leaders in our community.  Once again, we achieve this by instilling qualities such as respect, courtesy, self discipline, and goal achieving, not to mention the learning and practicing of realistic, highly effective Martial Arts.  Our style of Martial Arts is a very mixed style.  We specialize in American freestyle tae kwon do, however, our style also consists of karate, judo, jiu jitsu, boxing, and kickboxing.

Our academy is a safe, clean, and fun facility to learn Martial Arts!  Although Martial Arts in nature are very traditional, our academy is very practical.  For several decades, Martial Arts has been practiced on hard wood floor or carpet.  This of course is great for hardening up one’s feet, (seeing as we train barefoot), however, one of the biggest downfalls of this is the spread of viruses and other bacteria such as athlete’s foot, planter’s wards, etc, with no real way of cleaning and/or disinfecting the workout floor.  Because of this, these viruses would easily spread.  Grossed out yet?!  Well do not be!  We train on a high-quality mat specifically designed to meet the safety and cleanliness needs and demands of MadCity Martial Arts, LLC.  In addition, we use a cleaning formula designed to kill just about every type of bacteria, fungus, germ, virus, and every other kind of microscopic thing that doesn’t sound pleasing!  This insures that our students are training on a clean, disinfectant work out floor.  This floor is also soft and cushioned as to prevent injury in case of a slip or a fall.  Safety is important to us as well as to you!

Our curriculum is a fun, proven to work curriculum. It is difficult enough to present challenges, but easy enough for everyone to get!  We are huge with quality over quantity, which is what sets us apart from the competition!

Areas We Serve:

  • Madison
  • Sun Prairie
  • Monona
  • Deforest

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